WHO AM I, ACTUALLY? “我到底是谁?”

Inside every person you know, there's a person you don't know

"What if you can have a manual so that you could read your boss, your employees and your loved ones?"

"What if you could READ YOURSELF LIKE A BOOK?"

Date: 24, 25 , 31 Oct and 1 Nov 2020 (Saturdays and Sundays)


Time: 2-5pm

Venue: Virtual Platform

All lessons are recorded. Participants can replay the lesson on a private mode within a period of time.

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This is a comprehensive programme on self-awareness.

Here's what you will learn:

1. My personality (16 pages of comprehensive DISC profile)

2. My Emotions

3. Expectations & Yearning

4. Belief and Values

5. Identity – WHO AM I, ACTUALLY?

With the above self-awareness, it would serve to enhance:

Better relationship with YOURSELF, and with OTHERS be it home or work.

Able to make better, wiser decisions in life.

Enhance your emotional health to live a fulfilling life.

This workshop is for anyone who…


Some people just know what they are meant to do – but some of us need a little enlightenment to decide what’s best for them in their career pathway.


  • Couples
  • Parent – child
  • Employer – Employee
  • Client -supplier


  • Couples
  • Parent – child
  • Employer – Employee
  • Client -supplier


  • Self-awarenesss raises congruency by aligning your values with your actions.
  • When you are congruent with your actions, you will be happier, and more effective at work and home.

What Jasly's clients have to say about her...

“Jasly Kong is one of the best and most passionate trainer I have ever met. She delivers her trainings and shares her knowledge professionally, most importantly her optimistic mind set, helpful and friendly spirit, plus her very ‘people oriented’ character have made her training very impactful. I have attended her various trainings and my comment is: 100% worth investing the time and $!”
Chua TP
HR Manager
I was preparing to go for my lesson with my fifth form class when Jasly visited me at SMK St Columba (2014). She jumped at the offer to promote herself in/to my class. Jasly’s 40-minute impromptu, but engaging and convincing, presentation on ‘DISC’ was enthusiastically received and left a lasting impression on all. Both staff and students have since benefited from her character-building training sessions. She also generously agreed to do a voluntary session during a training programme for Miri school heads. Jasly strikes me as a charismatic, cheerful, sincere, generous soul who believes in being prepared; she is also always ready and willing to learn and grow in her profession. I would certainly recommend her.
Ms. Robinette Tiong
Former Principal
Thanks to Jasly for her patient, fast & continued support to guide myself & trainer pools of 25 to deploy this tool (DISC Personality System) and knowledge to our leaders. Coming from engineering background in technology industry, Jasly has been a great facilitator for us and has made DISC very easy to use & understand by all level of workforce. By saying this, under her guidance, we manage to deploy DISC and help more than 600 of our shopfloor leaders to optimise their strength & leveraging their weakness to best perform their day to day task & leading team. Thank you once again.
Michelle Lim
HR Manager
“Jasly is a live-wire. She was able to light the spark and energised us. The training she facilitated for us was very impactful and enriching. At the end of the training, we were refreshed and we look forward to uphold our shared values which is loyalty, teamwork & commitment. Thank you,Jas!
Dato Sri Doris S. Brodie
Head of Women Wing, Parti Rakyat Sarawak

About the Creator of "Who Am I, Actually?"

Jasly Kong

Advanced Behavioural Analyst & Certified Life Coach by International Coach Federation


Executive & Life Coach / Inspirational Trainer

Apt at multi-cultural teaching, coaching and training, she worked passionately as a counsellor, motivational speaker and educator for more than 17years.

She has taught in corporate and educational institutions in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and the USA / Mexico with culturally diverse background learners.
Jasly has conducted training for companies and non profit organizations with recurrent engagements over the years:

Multinational Corporation:  Infineon, Intel, Texas Instrument, Essilor, Shell, JLG-Oshkosh
University:  Curtin University Sarawak Campus, Nanyang Technological University Singapore.
School:  Raffles Girls School Singapore, Tenby International School, Chung Hwa Middle School Brunei, Pei Min Secondary School Miri and many more…
Political parties in Malaysia

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